Our Story

Created by Deana Sarwari, Kitty Got Claws is Australia's first 10 Free Premium Australian made,  Vegan Nail Polish.

“As a 5 year old girl, I would beg my mother to let me wear nail polish!” 
Growing up in Moscow, I was inspired by my parents colourful and entertaining dinner parties. For as long as I could remember, I was obsessed with having perfectly groomed nails – and armed myself with 200+ bottles of polish. From the age of five, I would always offer to paint my friends’ baby talons and ran my little nail salon from my cubby house. Twenty years later, and after 7 years of experimenting with nail painting, I wasn’t able to find a vegan polish, lasts without chipping, staining or damaging my nail bed. I was after a polish that was safe for the environment, didn’t use animal testing and was amazing value for what it claimed to do. And so….Kitty Got Claws was born.